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Surprise, AZ. — The Kevin Sartor for Mayor campaign is proud to announce the

formation of the Veterans for Sartor Coalition, a dedicated group of Veterans who

support Kevin Sartor’s candidacy for Mayor of Surprise.

The coalition will be led by Major General Michael "Mick" McGuire, Retired Commanding General of the Arizona National Guard and decorated Veteran who brings extensive leadership and military experience to the team.

Kevin Sartor, a retired Army Officer, combat Veteran, and former Army drill sergeant,

has over 20 years of distinguished military service. His experience includes leading over 1,000 hours of combat missions during two deployments totaling 27 months. Sartor’s commitment to service, leadership under pressure, and dedication to his community make him the ideal candidate to lead Surprise as Mayor.

General McGuire, the newly appointed leader of the Veterans for Sartor Coalition,

expressed his enthusiastic support for Kevin Sartor. “Kevin Sartor’s proven leadership, integrity, and dedication to service are exactly what Surprise needs. His military background has equipped him with the skills to address the challenges our community faces and to lead with honor and effectiveness.”

The Veterans for Sartor Coalition will work to mobilize and engage the Veteran

community in Surprise, advocating for Sartor’s vision of a safer, more prosperous city. The coalition will focus on key issues such as public safety, economic development, and supporting Veterans and their families.

“Veterans have a unique perspective and a deep commitment to service,” said Kevin

Sartor. “I am honored to have the support of retired Major General Mick McGuire and

the Veterans for Sartor Coalition. Together, we will work to make Surprise a city that

values its Veterans and provides opportunities for all residents.

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