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Arts, Culture, Parks & Recreation

Why Now

Our growth and diversity make this issue paramount. We have, to some extent, forgotten our original townsite and our humble beginnings. Our city must focus on preserving our culture while also planning for and providing robust art, culture, and recreation programs.

Why This

Arts, culture, and recreation are what make Surprise an amazing place to live. We have to be proactive and focused on these programs so we can learn who our neighbors are, remember our city’s humble beginnings, and provide a bright future for our children by offering programs that engage and enrich our city.

What I Will Do

  • Emphasize our parks and trail systems that provide for diverse activities while preserving natural beauty and wildlife corridors.

  • Enrich our community with arts and culture programs that bring us together and develop a shared understanding and appreciation of our diverse community.

  • Increase access for residents to arts and culture programming.

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