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Veteran Support

Why Now

Veterans answered the call to protect and defend our way of life, and we owe it to them to do everything we can to support their military journey, whether that’s someone that recently joined or a Veteran.

Why This

As a Veteran, I know firsthand the struggles we face when it comes to serving in the military, transitioning out of the military, and everything in between.

What I Will Do

  • Invite all Surprise businesses and Veteran organizations together and develop city-wide Veteran hiring best practices.

  • Support our West Valley Veteran Center and champion and honor our Veterans.

  • Work with developers to provide space for Veteran Small Business.

  • Listen to our Veterans and take action that will make their lives better.

Connect with Kevin's team and help him achieve his goals for Surprise.

Kevin has a plan to bring real change to Surprise, he relies on your generous contributions to make it happen.

Kevin is a leader who can bring positive change to your city, volunteer to support his campaign.

Support Kevin through attending one of his campaign events.

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