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Public Safety

Why Now

Public safety has never been more important. Threats to our way of life and the city’s safety continue to get closer and closer to home, and we must take further action to ensure our city remains safe as we continue to grow.

Why This

Between the recent teen violence issues in the East Valley to the heartbreaking school shootings across our nation, we need a mayor who is willing to talk about the tough issues, use battle-tested leadership, and focus on and build a coalition to tackle these issues head-on.

What I Will Do

  • Establish a Surprise School Safety Committee. Invite community representatives from public, private, charter, and home schools.

  • Work collaboratively to address school safety issues.

  • Invite industry experts to discuss current issues, trends, and best practices.

  • Focus on city and school coordination to reduce response time during an emergency.

  • Support Fire and Police growth to ensure it meets the demand of our growing city.

  • Focus on collaborating with our police, fire, and regional partners to ensure we are ready to respond to any contingency.

  • Use my military experience to cultivate partnerships, creating public safety career pathways for veterans that will help fill our police and fire critical vacancies.

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