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Economic Development

Why Now

Surprise must continue to be proactive in attracting the right businesses and restaurants to our city. This focus will ensure smart growth and benefit our day-to-day lives.

Why This

Ninety percent of our working residents commute outside of Surprise. I understand the stress and strain it puts on families trying to balance work and life. Other residents that are enjoying retirement must have fun places to go, new restaurants to eat at, and things to do.

What I Will Do

  • Aggressively pursue business growth that will bring jobs to our city and reduce your commute, improving the quality of life.

  • Champion entrepreneurs and small businesses by leveraging partnerships that promote growth and innovation.

  • Continue partnering with Ottawa University, West-MEC, and our local schools to provide education and career pathway opportunities.

Connect with Kevin's team and help him achieve his goals for Surprise.

Kevin has a plan to bring real change to Surprise, he relies on your generous contributions to make it happen.

Kevin is a leader who can bring positive change to your city, volunteer to support his campaign.

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