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Two Prominent Arizona Legislators Endorsed my Campaign for Mayor!

Updated: Jul 5

Sen. Janae Shamp and Rep. Steve Montenegro formally endorse Kevin Sartor for Surprise Mayor


Surprise, AZ. — Retired Army Officer Kevin Sartor announced the endorsements of two prominent Arizona legislators: District 29 Sen. Janae Shamp and Rep. Steve Montenegro. Both leaders are throwing their full support behind Kevin Sartor in his bid for mayor of Surprise.

Senator Shamp and Representative Montenegro recognize Sartor’s extensive military background and unwavering commitment to service as key qualifications that make him the ideal candidate to lead Surprise into a prosperous future.

Senator Janae Shamp, known for her dedication to public service and advocacy for veterans, stated, "Kevin Sartor has demonstrated exceptional leadership and a profound dedication to our country through his distinguished military career. His experience as a combat veteran and Army officer equips him with the discipline, strategic thinking, and leadership skills necessary to effectively manage and enhance the City of Surprise. I am confident that Kevin will bring a fresh, yet steadfast approach to city governance, ensuring that our community thrives."

Representative Steve Montenegro, a staunch supporter of conservative values and community-driven initiatives, added, "Kevin Sartor embodies the principles of honor, integrity, and service. His vision for Surprise is one of growth, safety, and enhanced quality of life for all residents. With his proven track record of leadership and commitment to our state and nation, Kevin is uniquely positioned to address the challenges facing our city and to implement policies that will benefit our community for years to come. I am proud to endorse Kevin Sartor for mayor."

Kevin Sartor expressed his gratitude for the endorsements, saying, "I am deeply honored to receive the support of Senator Shamp and Representative Montenegro. Their endorsements mean a great deal to me and reaffirm my commitment to serving the people of Surprise. Together, we will work towards a safer, stronger, and more vibrant community. I look forward to bringing my military experience and leadership skills to the role of mayor, ensuring that Surprise remains a great place to live, work, and raise a family."

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