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Why Should You Elect Kevin Sartor as the Next Mayor of Surprise, Arizona?

As a lifelong servant to our country and community, I am uniquely qualified to lead

Surprise, Arizona, as your next Mayor. My 20 years of military experience, including

multiple combat deployments, have honed my leadership, resilience, and problem-

solving skills. These experiences have taught me the importance of integrity,

accountability, and unwavering dedication—values I will bring to the mayor's office.

My extensive background in public service, both in the military and within our city, sets me apart. Serving as a Drill Sergeant and later as a Drill Sergeant Leader, I trained

America’s future defenders, instilling discipline and leadership. My role as a Safety

Coordinator for the Dysart Unified School District involves ensuring the highest

standards of safety for our children, collaborating with regional public safety and

community partners. This role has provided me with a deep understanding of

community needs and the importance of proactive measures.

I also hold a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and have served on and chaired the Surprise Planning and Zoning Commission. These roles have given me a comprehensive understanding of our city's growth and development, equipping me with the knowledge to address our most pressing issues effectively.

My top priorities as Mayor will be to bolster economic development, enhance public

safety, and ensure transparent and fiscally responsible governance. I will work to create an environment that attracts businesses, creating jobs and opportunities for our residents. Public safety will always be a top priority, ensuring that our police and fire departments have the resources they need. Transparency and fiscal responsibility will guide all my decisions, ensuring that taxpayer dollars are used efficiently and


I am committed to serving our community with the same dedication and honor that

defined my military career. Together, we can make Surprise an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. I humbly ask for your support in this mission.

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Bonita Dalton
Bonita Dalton
Jul 08

Which do you support 2040 general plan or 2035?

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