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Supporting Our Veterans: My Commitment to the Heroes of Surprise

Updated: Jun 30

Veterans answered the call to protect and defend our way of life. I will prioritize city-wide partnerships and be a champion to every man and woman in Surprise who has served our Country.

As a retired Army officer and combat Veteran, I understand the unique challenges faced by our Veterans. Ensuring they receive the support and opportunities they deserve is a top priority for me.

I will continue to support the West Valley Veteran Resources Center, which provides crucial services to our Veterans, including health care, employment assistance, and mental health resources. This center is a strong pillar of support for our Veteran community, and I will ensure it remains so.

Bolstering the Mayor's Veteran Round Table is another initiative I am passionate about. By enhancing this initiative, I will connect Veterans with the resources they need. This round table will serve as a bridge between Veterans and the services available to them, ensuring no Veteran is left behind.

Creating career pathways for Veterans is also essential. Working with local businesses, I will conduct an analysis of military specialties and available careers in Surprise. This will help connect Veterans to jobs that match their skills, providing them with meaningful employment opportunities.

Additionally, I will partner with Veteran organizations and developers to find a location where organizations like Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion can hold meetings and community events. This will foster a sense of community and support among our Veterans.

Our Veterans have sacrificed so much for our country. As mayor, I will ensure that they receive the respect, support, and opportunities they deserve. Together, we can make Surprise a place where our Veterans can thrive.

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