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Surprise District 5 Councilmember Jack Hastings Endorses Kevin Sartor for Mayor of Surprise

Surprise, AZ. — Kevin Sartor, candidate for Mayor of Surprise, is proud to announce the endorsement of Surprise District 5 Councilmember Jack Hastings.

Councilmember Hastings, a dedicated public servant and long-time resident of Surprise, emphasizes Sartor's unwavering commitment to service, leadership, and integrity.

Jack Hastings, who was elected to the Surprise City Council in 2020 and re-elected in 2022, has been a pillar of the community for over 20 years. With a Bachelor's Degree from Arizona State University and a Master's Degree earned in 2021, Hastings taught Civics for seven years in the Dysart Unified School District. His contributions to the City Council include helping to pass balanced budgets, voting against tax increases, and supporting property tax cuts.

"I am honored to endorse Kevin Sartor for Mayor," said Councilmember Hastings. "Kevin's record of service, leadership, and integrity makes him the best choice to lead our city. His military background and dedication to our community will bring the strong, principled leadership we need. In contrast, Aly Cline's recent censure for breaking the law and her vote to raise taxes show she does not represent the values we hold dear in Surprise."

"I am deeply grateful for Jack Hastings' endorsement," said Sartor. "Jack's commitment to balanced budgets, public safety, and supporting our first responders aligns with my vision for Surprise. Together, we will ensure that our city remains a safe, prosperous, and welcoming place for all residents."

Councilmember Hastings' endorsement underscores the importance of strong, principled leadership for the future of Surprise. Both leaders are committed to working together to address the needs of the community and ensure its continued growth and success.

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