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Updated: Jul 3

Sartor Calls on Aly Cline and Council to Oppose Increasing Sales Tax

June 3, 2024

Surprise, AZ. — Kevin Sartor, candidate for Mayor of Surprise, firmly opposes the proposed increase in the city sales tax on June 4th. As a retired Army Officer, combat veteran, and former drill sergeant, Sartor stands by his commitment to fiscal responsibility and the need to reduce the size of government rather than burdening residents with higher taxes.

"The residents of Surprise deserve a government that works for them, not against them," said Sartor. "Raising the sales tax is a short-sighted solution that hurts families, small businesses, and our local economy. It’s time for real leadership that prioritizes efficiency and cost-cutting over increasing the financial burden on our community. No new taxes!"

Sartor’s opponent, Aly Cline, has openly supported raising the sales tax, aligning with a higher tax agenda that Sartor believes is out of touch with the needs of Surprise residents.

"Ms. Cline’s approach to governance is typical of politicians who think the answer to every problem is to take more money from hardworking citizens," Sartor stated. "We need to scrutinize and reduce unnecessary expenditures, streamline operations, and ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and effectively."

Sartor’s campaign focuses on several key points:

Fiscal Responsibility: Sartor pledges to conduct a thorough audit of city spending and identify areas where cuts can be made without compromising essential services.

Smaller Government: By reducing bureaucracy and eliminating waste, Sartor aims to make the city government more efficient and less intrusive.

Economic Growth: Sartor is committed to creating a business-friendly environment that encourages entrepreneurship and attracts investment, fostering long-term economic growth.

Supporting Families: Sartor understands the impact that higher taxes have on families and is dedicated to keeping Surprise an affordable place to live, work and raise a family.

"Our city has the potential to thrive without resorting to higher taxes," said Sartor. "I’m running for mayor to ensure that we protect the financial well-being of our residents and build a more prosperous future for Surprise. I am calling on Aly Cline and the whole city council to join me in opposing a sales tax increase.”

Paid for by Sartor4Surprise. Approved by Kevin Sartor.

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Louann Homer
Louann Homer
Jun 05

I attended the council meeting tonight and in disbelief that a city council that is currently planning to vote on adopting an amendment to increase the sales tax rate could not communicate with precise knowledge the current tax rate!!! The council presented a visual aid with forecasted numbers and colorful graphics with pie charts, all with intense statements about how the city would lose community amenities if the tax rate fails, yet they struggled with the knowledge of our city current privilege tax rate!!!

I also learned that the city only receives 50% of the tax revenue from Prasada. Therefore, 50% of that tax revenue is going.... where???

Oh, let's talk food tax. City wants to add a food tax.…

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