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Prepared for Today's Challenges – Why My Background in Emergency Management Matters

Updated: Jul 1

As we navigate through these unpredictable times, it's more important than ever to have leaders who are well-equipped to handle emergencies and ensure the safety and well-being of our community. My background in Emergency Management has provided me with the knowledge and skills to lead the city of Surprise.

Earning my bachelor's degree in Emergency Management was a pivotal step in my career, equipping me with a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances involved in crisis situations. Through my studies, I gained valuable insights into disaster preparedness, risk assessment, and effective response strategies. This education is particularly relevant in today’s world, where unforeseen events can quickly escalate and impact our community.

One of the core lessons I learned is the importance of proactive planning and swift action. As your mayor, I will apply these principles to ensure that Surprise is always prepared for any situation, whether it’s a natural disaster, public health crisis, or any other emergency. My goal is to create a resilient city that can adapt and thrive in the face of challenges.

My education emphasized the significance of collaboration and communication. Managing emergencies requires a coordinated effort from various stakeholders, including local government, emergency services, community organizations, and residents. As mayor, I will foster strong partnerships and open lines of communication to ensure that we can respond effectively and efficiently to any crisis.

In addition to my academic background, my practical experience in the military and the Dysart School District has honed my leadership skills and taught me the value of planning, adaptability, and decisive action. Combining this with my formal education, I am confident in my ability to lead Surprise through any emergency with competence and compassion.

My background uniquely positions me to address the current and future challenges our city may face. I am committed to leveraging my knowledge and experience to keep Surprise safe and secure, and to lead with vision and integrity. Together, we can build a resilient and thriving community that is well-prepared for whatever comes our way.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to serving as your mayor.

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