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Kevin Sartor Calls on Aly Cline to Reimburse Taxpayers for Investigation Costs

Surprise, AZ. —  Kevin Sartor, candidate for Mayor of Surprise, is calling on Aly Cline to reimburse taxpayers for the costs incurred by the City of Surprise due to her illegal campaign activities. Following an investigation by outside counsel Jon Paladini, Aly Cline was found guilty of using city resources for her mayoral campaign. As a result, the Surprise City Council has censured her for violating Arizona state law, city code, and policies.

"The taxpayers of Surprise should not bear the financial burden of Aly Cline's illegal activities," said Kevin Sartor. "I am calling on Aly Cline to reimburse the full cost of the investigation and all taxpayer dollars spent on her campaign activities. Additionally, the full cost of the outside counsel's investigation should be made public immediately."

The City of Surprise hired outside counsel Jon Paladini to conduct the investigation, which revealed Aly Cline's misuse of city resources. The findings led to her censure by the City Council, further highlighting the severity of her actions.

"Transparency and accountability are crucial for public trust," Sartor continued. "The residents of Surprise deserve to know how much this investigation cost and to have those funds returned to the city's coffers. Aly Cline's actions have not only violated the law but also betrayed the trust of our community. It's time for her to take responsibility and reimburse the taxpayers."

Kevin Sartor remains committed to ensuring fiscal responsibility and upholding the highest standards of integrity in Surprise. His campaign emphasizes transparency, accountability, and a dedication to serving the community's best interests.

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