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Dysart Schools Governing Board President Dawn Densmore Endorses Sartor for Mayor of Surprise

Surprise, AZ. — Kevin Sartor, candidate for Mayor of Surprise, is honored to announce the endorsement of Dawn Densmore, President of the Dysart Schools Governing Board.

Dawn Densmore was originally elected to the Dysart Governing Board in 2018 and re-elected in 2022. Densmore, who was recently named the Arizona School Board Member of the Year by the Arizona Coalition of School Board Members, brings a wealth of experience and credibility to this pivotal endorsement.

"I am proud to endorse Kevin Sartor for Mayor of Surprise," said Densmore. "Kevin's dedication to our community, his strong leadership background, and his commitment to improving education and supporting our schools make him the ideal candidate to lead Surprise. His vision aligns with the values and goals we strive for in our educational system, and I am confident he will bring positive change to our city."

Kevin Sartor is currently the Safety Coordinator for Dysart Unified School District, ensuring the safety of over 25,000 students and staff on campuses in and out of Surprise. Part of his job is building and sustaining relationships with several law enforcement agencies and first responders.

"I am incredibly honored to receive Dawn Densmore's endorsement," said Sartor. "Dawn's dedication to education and her leadership in our schools have had a profound impact on our community. I look forward to working together to support our schools, enhance educational opportunities, and build a brighter future for all residents of Surprise."

Densmore's endorsement is a significant boost to Sartor's campaign, highlighting his commitment to education and community values. Together, they aim to address the needs of the community and ensure that Surprise continues to thrive.

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